Certificate using lets encrypt is not getting renewed

Site: docs.ops.delphix.com

Some urls like https://dlpx-6-0-3-0.docs.ops.delphix.com/ show ssl warning.
Certificate is not getting updated for all the URLs.

It has only 2 URLs listed in domain: dlpx-6-0-5-0.docs.ops.delphix.com, docs.ops.delphix.com

You’ll only get SSL for the domains connected to your website. If you want wildcard SSL certificates, you’ll have to contact support (this thread will do the job).

Hi, @dmittal-delphix. The SSL certificates must be extended manually when you are using external DNS:

Please let us know the list of domain names to add for branch subdomains and our support team will extend the SSL certificate.

If there are any questions, please let us know.

Ok so please extend the SSL Cert for following.

Hey there, @dmittal-delphix :wave:

A Support Engineer from our team has extended an SSL certificate to cover all of these domains.