Certificate no longer available after domain changed

Hi everybody,
I created the website “zealous-mirzakhani-1524cf.netlify.app” using the great Netlify tools and no want to share it with the public.
During development the website was already online under the domain “neu.obermuehle-aachen.de” but now i want to change the domain to “www.obermuehle-aachen.de” with an alias record (not ANAME) “obermuehle-aachen.de” that should redirect to the “www” domain.

I am not using Google or Amaon or Cloudflare as my domain registrar, but a pretty standard german webhoster, so there are no ANAME records for me.
As a woraround, I already pointed the A record for “obermuehle-aachen.de” to Netlifys load balancer (
Then I’ve set an CNAME record for “www.obermuehle-aachen.de” to “zealous-mirzakhani-1524cf.netlify.app”.
Propagation is still going on, but I was able to reach the website under the new domains.
The only issue that I have, is that I don’t find a way to remove the old certificate from my website. It only works for “neu.obermuehle-aachen.de” so unfortunately there is no HTTPS on the new domain right now.

The admin console shows me this:

So Netlify still tries to validate the old certificate, which unsurprisingly won’t work.
How am I supposed to change the domains for the website to the ones that are actually in use?

Best wishes

@major-mayer Welcome to the Netlify community.

I’ve never seen this before, but it appears you have been timed out by SSL provisioning. Your DNS changes seem to be propagating as expected, so you may just have to wait this one out – at least until Monday when one of the Netlify technicians can take a look at this.

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Thanks @gregraven for your welcome and your fast response.
All right i will wait a bit longer and write back tomorrow when still nothing changed until then :slight_smile:

Hi, @major-mayer. It looks like the number of attempts made to provision this SSL certificate triggered the rate limits at Let’s Encrypt:

However, the rate limit must has reset now as the provisions was successful when I clicked the button. If there are any other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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Yeah it seems that it just took some time, now everything is working again.
Thanks for your quick help :slight_smile: