Certificate name mismatch

I have a clue as to why Im getting this. My domain, imaynerobotics.com is registered with Gandi. I changed the nameservers to use Netlify’s. That works fine. I have an app with Heroku that uses api.imaynerobotics.com. I’ve installed their free ssl. I’ve used their DNS Target in Netlify’s domain settings for CNAME with value api, so the domain is api.imaynerobotics.com. How to resolve this?

You can check here: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=api.imaynerobotics.com

Some images:



Seems to be working now. How weird.

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Hi @SylarRuby! Glad to hear its working now. Sometimes DNS propagation is slow and unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to speed that up. Certs won’t work until DNS is perfect.