Can't use deleted account's domain - “custom_domain is owned by the other account”

@hussain I am not seeing the correct verification, unfortunately. When I run this:

host -t txt

I should see a TXT record referencing this Community thread. Could you check it please?

@laura hey i was able to sort it out. I just needed to completely remove the domain from my other netlify account.

Hi, @hussain. Thanks for letting us know how you resolved the issue!

This helps other people searching the community site and our support team appreciates the follow-up also. Thanks again and new topics are welcome anytime! :+1:

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Hi @luke Having same problem. Deleted the site from my account, disconnected custom domain also did reset the hosted name servers. But getting same error when I try to connect the custom domain on different accounts.

Hey there, thanks for following up.

Can you please verify domain ownership and let us know by responding here when that’s done. If the verification is successful we can remove the domain from the other account so you can use it on yours.

Additionally, we will need the domain name you are trying to use! We cannot look it up by email.

Hi @luke
I’ve got the same issue with

I suspect it was added to an old account which I closed. I’ve added domain verification referencing this thread.

Can you help please?

hi there @k_m_bremner , we have freed up that domain so you should be able to use it now. thanks!


I am having the same issue with

I deleted the DNS from the old site and deleted site. Still not able to fix it.

hi there @joao.theparzival, it does not seem like a verification record was added to that domain yet. Can you add one so we can verify ownership and free it up for your use?

Hey @perry , I am having a similar problem, “custum_domain owned by another account” I have added a txt record in the DNS “verified-for-netlify” however I am still not able to add the Custom Domain to my site.

hi there, we have verified the record and freed up the domain. you can use it now!

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I have the same issue with I removed the domain from previous account but it still showing the error " Custom_domain is owned by another account".

I have replied on the thread you created @amverma1204t Custom_domain is owned by another account while i removed the domain from other account - #2 by coelmay

Hello! I am having the same issue as OP for “”. I deleted my account, forgetting I bought the DN here on Netlify, thinking I could freely move it to firebase. Can someone restore it for me?

hi there, did you create a verification record for us to check already?

Hi Support Team, I am facing an issue with my domain to my app unrivaled-haupia-7bb90c before it was used on my other account. I deleted the app and removed the domain there too. I am still facing the issue above.

hi there, could you create the verification record that is linked in this thread so we can verify ownership for you?

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Hi, thanks for the fast reply.
I’ve added the value “8447” with the name “verified-for-netlify”