Cant update template on primary domain

Website name: marvelous-dodol-54645e
primary domain:

Hello Netlify, So recently i added this domain to my website, but i didnt really had my own code so i used gatsby starter template, and now, i cant get rid of it, so basicly, when i upload new files to website, and then click on i have some gatsby blog template, but when i click on website name marvelous-dodol-54645e, i get redirected to my website.

I tried even reseting DNS on my Domain provider, but somehow, domain is still “attached” to the template.

Then, I visited my GitHub page, since i remembered that i connected gh with netlify since that was the only way to host that template.

So i went to github, and deleted that repo, but still nothing… domain is still “attached” to blog template that i cant get rid of.

:wave: @Vjecni1
It looks like you may have deleted the site.

Let us know if you still need help! :slight_smile:

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