Can't sign up with HU email address, GitHub OAuth connection also fails

If I try to sign up with the email address I get an invalid email error.
The same is happening when I attempt to authorize Netlify to access my GitHub repo. The consent process finishes, I can see the Netlify app addedd to my GitHub account, but the consent process still fails

I know the email address is valid, as this is the one I use on GitHub, and I’m using the same one to login to the community to write this ticket.
Any ideas what may be causing this and how to fix it?


Hey Josef,

sorry to hear you are having trouble logging in with that email address - this problem exists because is associated with providing disposable emails which, over time, compromise our reputation - that is why we have blocked access to our services from that email provider.

You will need to use a different email address to sign up for Netlify, but you should still be able to use this approach regardless of what you have your GitHub primary email set to, but please let us know if not.

I see, thanks for the info! Bests, Josef