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Can't setup Netlify DNS (A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1)

Site: festive-liskov-2bf559
Domain: krishgarg.ga

I was trying to host my app, it is set up so that whenever I visit krishgarg.ga, it should redirect me www.krishgarg.ga. I have HTTPS (SSL) activated on the www subdomain. If I visit www.krishgarg.ga, it works fine, but if I visit krishgarg.ga, it shows me Privacy Error. I tried researching for this issue, and found a guide in which it said it is probably because my DNS was setup on my domain provider and not on Netlify DNS. So I tried to register it with Netlify DNS, but then I got this error.

So I tried to search a guide for this error and I found that I have to delete the nameservers from my domain provider and then continue. But I can’t find a way to delete nameservers from my domain provider. My domain provider is Freenom (I know it is not recommended but I have no free with no credit card asking other option).

How to setup nameservers for a domain on freenom

I know how to change nameservers but when I put my domain on Netlify to be the custom domain, I only got the option to set up the CNAME and A records. And I don’t know the nameservers of Netlify.
In short, it only lets me switch nameservers or keep the default freenom’s nameservers. And on freenom’s nameservers, it gives the above error.

Also if anyone knows any other way to fix the “Privacy Error” issue before redirecting, please tell.

Well now I am declaring this as closed. I switched to vercel and I got the domain and everything setup there in under 5 minutes.

The issue was you had not configured your custom domain as per Configure external DNS for a custom domain.

No worries. Happy you found a workable solution.

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Hi there @KrishGarg,

Sorry to hear you did not have an optimal experience setting up DNS. We appreciate you sharing your feedback here.

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