Can't resolve file in Netlify build

There seems to be some problems in the about.js file location as the reply form netify bot i have conformed there is no error on file location, but every time i re-run the deploy, this issue some. i have tried various method from you-tube and similar topics but nothing seems to work. Help needed.

Codebase - GitHub - nepalivai/Dhamboji-webpage: Web-page for the high school in Waterpark, Nepalgunj.

note - i have applied some Environment variables and modified build command.(advice form youtube).

Hi @nepalivai :wave:t6: welcome to the community. Can you make sure you are building from the correct codebase. Your issue is in the sixth line. Please view your path here. Dhamboji-webpage/src/page/about.js at main · nepalivai/Dhamboji-webpage · GitHub

@nepalivai Your issue is case sensitivity, Netlify is case sensitive.

You have this reference to ./page/About.js:

But the file is located at ./page/about.js:


You should confirm that filenames and path references match.

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Thanks it worked, seems like git hub did the catch the updated file name it was updated only locally for some reason. any thanks for the support.