Can't point to Netfliy DNS. Google Domains says: "Change to these settings not possible."


I am trying to enter the nameservers specified by Netlify at my domain registrar (external domain at Google Domains). With my previous domains this was always completely unproblematic.

This time I get the message from Google: “Change to these settings not possible. The registry has rejected the nameservers.” (translated from German).

I have tried it repeatedly now, I can rule out typos. I am confused because there have never been problems of this kind before. My domain:


Hi @Elmo,

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear you’re running into this issue.

I do see that you have name servers configured:

dig NS +trace | tail -n 6	21600	IN	NS	21600	IN	NS	21600	IN	NS	21600	IN	NS
;; Received 169 bytes from 2001:4860:4802:36::6a#53( in 25 ms

Unfortunately, if you’re receiving the errors at Google Domains when trying to add the Netlify name servers from here, you’ll need to contact Google Domains to see if they can assist you.

Hi @Melvin,
thanks for your reply.

This is the answer from the Google Domains support:

Thank you for contacting the Google Domains Support Team.

We understand that you need help with an issue of not being able to add your custom name servers for your domain To resolve this, we need to fix the Glue Records. Glue records(or Registered hosts) need to be assigned first to the root domain associated with the custom name servers. For example if your name servers are and then you need to make sure domain is connected.

The Glue Records section from your DNS page in Google Domains is used to point subdomains of your custom nameservers to dedicated IP address/es. You may contact your web host and ask them to set up glue records for those name servers so they can be set as name servers for other domains.

Then follows some basic technical explanations on how I can enter glue records myself at Google Domain. Unfortunately, it is not clearly explained how to do this. However, in my understanding, this is not the most sensible option.

Is it possible to have these glue records entered on Netlify’s side as proposed from Google?


Hi, @Elmo. I would recommend not changing the name servers at the registrar (Google) and using the external DNS instructions instead:

Would you please give that a try? If there are any questions about those instructions, please let us know.

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thanks a lot! It works!