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Can't open netlify website

My netlify site name |https://master–affectionate-heyrovsky-3aab56.netlify.app/|

issue: I cannot open netlify website. When I update github, my netlify site cannot update accordingly.

Your website appears to load fine. There was an incident before which could have been the cause, but at this point it loads fine.

Hi, thanks for your reply! My website can load fine.
However, I cannot change it by updating github.
I also cannot open the https://app.netlify.com/. This generates an issue that :
We’re having some trouble connecting you to Netlify.

This error may be caused by an ad blocker or browser extension. You can try disabling blocking on this page or running in incognito

As the error suggests, did you try disabling any ad blocker scripts, etc.? You could also try going incognito, or use a different browser/device/network altogether.

Thank you!
I try using a different browser to solve this.