Can't open

I’ve been seeing that, too, from time to time here on the West Coast of the U.S. Trying to troubleshoot whether it’s something in my set-up or something it my upstream.

When this happens, I can often open in a remote browser, so it’s driving me a bit nuts.

Hmm, that’s disturbing - we “drink our own champagne” (aka dogfooding) so any outage of that site is likely either local network problems, or a problem with our CDN service.

If either of you spy it again, could you collect for us the following details?

  • fairly precise timestamp and timezone
  • result of host from a command prompt as close in time as possible to the failure (2 minutes later is not so useful; 10 seconds later is.)

Many thanks for your help in troubleshooting.

With pleasure. Will do.

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Netlify Dashboard loading extremely slowly.

Thu Dec 19 15:47:18 PST 2019 has address


Fri Dec 20 2019 15:04:20 GMT+0800 (中国标准时间)

Hmm, thanks for those details. On 19 Dec at that time I see a handful of slow loads out of thousands which might have been you; the stats are about 4 out of 13,624 that took over 4 seconds to send. On 20 Dec at 15:04 GMT+8 , similar stats - 15 out of 19650 were slower than 4 seconds.

I don’t see any failures to load in either case. The dashboard can be slow since it is backed by our API and some calls are slower than others and sometimes the API is a but busier than usual with a deploy or other migration, so @gregraven I don’t think that those were the connection failures reported by @scarsu or you - right? What you saw was just slowness on the dashboard, which is usual - vs timeout, which would mean that an API call didn’t finish within 26 seconds, which I didn’t see any of.

A bit of a mystery that will be a bit hard to understand in this case :confused:

For me, it’s more than just the dashboard. The dashboard actually loads fine most of the time. My sites, however, rotate so that some load immediately, some load after a moment (as if no one else has visited it in awhile), and some load only after several seconds – if at all.

This last behavior is new to me just in the last couple of weeks. Each of my sites used to load almost immediately back in the old days (before November 2019).

@gregraven, it would help us to troubleshoot to have more details about which sites are slow to load and exactly when they are slow.

Would you be willing to send us the x-nf-request-id header for some example slow requests? If the header isn’t available, the following details would be helpful instead:

  • the complete URL requested
  • the IP address for the system making the request
  • the IP address for the CDN node that responded
  • the day of the request
  • the time of the request
  • the timezone the time is in

If all of those details are not available, as many as possible are appreciated.

Thanks for responding.

There is no x-nf-request-id header because the page does not respond.

The other information is:

the complete URL requested:
the IP address for the system making the request:
the IP address for the CDN node that responded: (?)
the day of the request: Thu Jan 2
the time of the request: 05:22:54 2020
the timezone the time is in: PST

Hope this helps.


did your frontier fix mentioned in this post change things here?

It seems to have done so, yes. I was correct is suspecting it was a DNS issue, but apparently incorrect in its origin.

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