Can't login to netlify cms admin

Hello Everyone!

I have been trying to use netlify cms for my site but whenever I try to login it takes me to the live page with my access token included in the url ( and not the netlify admin page.

this is my config.yml
name: git-gateway
branch: master

local_backend: true

media_folder: static/img
public_folder: /img


  • name: ‘doc’
    label: ‘Doc’
    folder: ‘content/doc’
    create: false
    slug: ‘index’
    media_folder: ‘’
    public_folder: ‘’
    path: ‘{{title}}/index’
    preview: false
    • { label: ‘Title’, name: ‘title’, widget: ‘string’ }
    • { label: ‘Publish Date’, name: ‘date’, widget: ‘datetime’ }
    • { label: ‘Description’, name: ‘description’, widget: ‘string’ }
    • { label: ‘Body’, name: ‘body’, widget: ‘markdown’ }

Please assist

Hi Esther, welcome to the community forums! You’ll have to create identity email templates. I’ve written a guide on how to do that which you can find here:

That works!. Thanks
But how do I update the available pages on the live site from the cms??

That should be the easy part :slight_smile: What happens, at what URL, when you try?

Specific errors and links will help us get to the bottom of things faster.