Can't login to Netlify after Gatsby Cloud integration to Netlify deploy hung for 50+hours

I am using Gatsby cloud to deploy a site to Netlify using the built-in integration. My site for has no problems building and could be deployed via the CLI with no issues.

However, while using Gatsby cloud with the Netlify integration the deploy continues to get stuck and endlessly run. My latest deploy ran for 45+ hours and resulted in what appears to be my account being rate limited.

I can’t log in to Netlify as I get a This user and password does not exist. My staging site won’t deploy due to an error. Since Gatsby Cloud has no way to cancel the deployment, I am completely stuck and locked out of my Netlify account. The staging site at deployed fine many times before I got the issue with the production version. I also have no access to logs as the Netlify account has been locked and Gatsby cloud doesn’t provide any.

Would really appreciate some help.

Hi, @Trevor. I assure you this account is not locked at Netlify. It may have hit the API rate limit but you can still login and make changes.

If you are using the same email address for this community forum to log into Netlify, it is true that we have no account matching this email address. If you tried this email address, it will always fail as we have no account matching this email.

I do see sites with subdomains of jaxxon and staging-jaxxon (but not jaxxon-staging) under one account here, but the email address used for that account doesn’t match this email address for this community account.

If you use the correct email address for the Netlify account, you will be able to login. I’ve sent a password reset email to that email address. The purpose of the email is only to assist you in locating the correct email inbox.

You don’t need to use the email reset link. If you ignore the email the password will remain unchanged.

To summarize, if you use the correct email address for the account you will be able to login at Netlify.

​Please let us know if there are other questions about this or more we can do to assist.

Hey Luke. Thanks for the help. I was using the correct account info and without ever changing it stopped working. Today it started to work again… However, I still can not deploy from the gatsby netlify integration. All I get is Failed to deploy in 0:15… Is there some sort of block on the account or rate-limiting?

Hmm, I was just able to deploy using the CLI locally, but for some reason that integration is failing. Would this be something Netlify or Gatsby would help with?

hi trevor, sorry to hear you are still struggling with this. Could you link us to or paste your most recent deploy log please so we can take a closer look?

The issue has been resolved. It appeared to be an issue on the Gatsby cloud side. I will let you know if it comes up again since I still have no idea why it happened… Thanks for the help.

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