Can't login to my account

Hi guys,
Suddenly I can’t login to my account and I tried to reset password and didn’t work, even with different browsers and tried from my mobile… nothing.
is there anyone from Netlify support team can help?

Hi, @kipa. There was also a support ticket about this (ticket #15573) and we have replied with an answer there.

If there are other questions about this, please reply to the email for that ticket and we’ll be happy to answer.

I have similar issue but mine is a bit différent.
I can’t remember the email I used to sign up and I have logged out.
My computer had an issue and I had to restore it, unfortunately everything was deleted.
I have tried the best I could to remember the email but I couldn’t.
one of the domain in the account is:
Kindly please just tel me which email is attached to the account and I will figure out the password.
Thank you

Hi, @Alainmuh, we have replied about this in a topic here:

Please note, creating duplicate posts in community for one issue slows our ability to reply to questions here so please create only a single post per issue.


I have the same issue than kipa. I did’t find the ticket #15573. I cannot login and when I want to reset my passwordI get a 403 error message. Can I get some help?

Thank you.