Can't login to admin page in Google Chrome (Desktop)

Hi, I have an issue with the admin page. I made a web with Jekyll, and I already successfully made an account, but I can’t log in, with following message

API_ERROR: Git Gateway Error: [object Object]

But I only get this error only on Google Chrome for Desktop. The CMS page works fine with Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome for Android. I don’t know what to do. Thanks

Hi @louislugas and welcome :smiley: Can you share the network traffic from the browser developer tools while trying to login? Are you testing local development or the live site? For local development the CMS saves the published site URL in local storage under the key netlifySiteURL so clearing cache might help.

Hi @erez, thank you. i forgot to update it, but It’s working now. But still i dont know why it’s happening in the first place. Thanks :blush:

Thanks for following back @louislugas, I’ve been tracking similar issues which seems to resolve after waiting some time. I reported back to our backend team and we’re investigation it.

Hi every one.
I just have the same issue right now.
And solve it opening netlify CMS login page on an another broswer.


does it work when you try an incognito window?

Hi Perry,

Yes indeed. I always use firefox and safari in private mode.

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in that case i would definitely wonder if you are running any browser extensions that might be interfering.