Can't login to admin after starting with a gatsby site starter template


I have created a gatsby site starter template.
The site is up and running here
I created my netlify account with one email address and linked it to my github account that has another email address.
I have yet to receive an email confirmation link for either address and I dont know how to get another one sent out.
When I try to login to with my netlify email address I get the error “Email not confirmed”.

Can anyone suggest a way forward?

Hi @Adam_Sinnott! Welcome to our community.

I looked into this and see we sent you a reset password email, but it is still marked “unread”. Maybe it went to your spam folder? I just resent it, mind checking to see if its there? Let us know!

Hi Laura, thanks for looking! It turns out my company has a hidden spam filter that I didnt know about. I created an account logged in and was able to whitelist you. I got in, in the end. So all good, thanks for looking

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Awesome to hear you got things figured out. :+1:

I just had the same issue. I was trying out the Netlify CMS Gatsby Starter. Confirmed with Github etc. I was never sent a confirmation link. Attempts to login with the identity widget indicated that my email was not recognized. Funny but the email I used was registered in the identity admin panel. Tried sending myself a password reset from the admin. The emails never made it to my inbox or spam folder.

Sent myself an invite to another email address that I have. Worked like a charm. Very strange.

That sounds like your email provider might be blocking emails from for some reason. Have you tried contacting your email provider to see if that is the case?

Thanks for getting back to me. I figured it out. I deleted my old site and had not redirected my domain back to the domain register.

Obviously I wasn’t getting any email delivery. My bad.