Can't log in -- please help

I hope someone can help me.
I recently started working at Columbia University and I’m trying to log into the school’s CMS using Netlify.
The global login isn’t working. For example, some employees can log into the home page site using their own login, but not with the universal login (the username and password that we are all supposed to share).
Maybe we need to transfer the permissions associated with individual accounts to the universal email login so that it can be shared with the full team?
Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.
I have reached out before and was told I would be contacted by a support staff member. Someone did reply by email, but they just told me to contact my IT department. Clearly, I have already done this, and the IT folks here said to contact Netlify. This is not acceptable customer support. Please reply and tell me how you can help me with my problem. We are paying for your service, but it doesn’t work. I can’t log in.

hi there,

I’m sorry you’re having a difficult time getting help.

i think part of the problem is that your situation is a little confusing for us, can i ask you to tell us which domain you are trying to log in to, what you are trying to log in to exactly? (a netlify account, the netlify cms? other?)

some screenshots might also help of the sites you are trying to log in to and which errors you are receiving.

thank you!

Here’s the issue I’m trying to resolve:
I’m trying to log into the Columbia Business School site “Leading Through Change” to update the CMS (see
We do this through Netlify, which was set up by a prior employee.
Attached is the login page I see when I try to do this.
The problem we have is the general Columbia Business School email that should have been assigned to facilitate this login does not work.
We only have one login, which is assigned to one employee, but we need a general login email so everyone here can log in to work on the site. Right now, we can’t get access.
We just need someone to assign the login to the site to the general email address, and not the individual (sole) employee’s address.
Our IT department has spent hours trying to fix this but can’t figure it out. Someone at Netlify has to fix this on the company’s side.
We are willing to pay for the service if that’s what is required.
Can someone get on the phone with us to troubleshoot and fix please?