Can't find nameserver details

Where can i find nameserver details? The documentation says on the website details the following steps to follow but I dont find an option on the website and it is frustrating. All I see is to edit the default site name, there is no option to find the nameserver details. Can someone please help with this?

To add a new DNS record:

Go to the Domains tab in your team dashboard and select the domain you want to edit.
At the bottom of the DNS records panel, select Add new record.
Choose the type of record to create from the dropdown menu and fill in the remaining options. The fields you need to fill out will depend on the type of record you select.
Select Save to create the record and make the changes live.

If you want to move a domain to Netlify’s DNS service, it can be added here:

There are two ways to connect a custom domain to a Netlify site.

Netlify DNS means using Netlify as the DNS service provider. The external DNS configuration keeps the DNS resolution with the existing provider - which is normally the domain registrar but not always.

If you are moving an existing domain name to Netlify DNS - especially if you have an email service configured for it - please be be sure to copy all existing records to Netlify before changing the name server (NS) records to point to Netlify. There is more about this topic here.

If you are using the external DNS configuration method, the existing DNS records remain active so no records need to be copied.

Please let us know if there are other questions about this and we’ll be happy to answer.