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Can't create account on Netlify, email never arrives

I need to create a Netlify account to setup a test site for one of my client’s website.
I’ve tried to create accounts using several emails from the company but none of them ever receive the confirmation email from Netlify, rendering the account unusable.

Not sure if Netlify bans custom domains, but because of comapny policies we can’t use gmail/hotmail emails, we must use an email with the company domain.
The comapny email is managed by Microsoft (office 365), not sure if this changes anything.
I’ve tried to search in the spam and deleted folders, btw.

Does anyone else had this issue before?

Hi there, @icavalheiro :wave:

Sorry to hear you are encountering this issue. Can you share the email address you are using to create your account, as well as the date you tried to create the account? With that, I will be able to go look into this further.

I have unlisted this thread, meaning that only folks with the URL to the thread can see information you share. This will make it a bit more private for you to share you email address, etc.


I’ve tried several times in the last month, I don’t have the exact dates.
These are the emails I’ve tried:

leftfields_labs@hogarthww.onmicrosoft.com (no longer available)
leftfields@hogarthww.onmicrosoft.com (no longer available)

Hogarth’s IT team deleted the last 2 emails last week, so if you could assist me with the leftfields_labs@hogarthww.com that would be amazing.

Hey @icavalheiro,

I’ve removed leftfields_labs@hogarthww.com from the bounce list, so you should now see the emails.


Thank you, it worked!