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Can't connect external subdomain to Netlify site (Not found - Request ID)

Hi everyone!

There’s a domain (rausch.studio) bought in the registrar https://www.ionos.de/ where the DNS configuration is which points to a Shopify Store. I want to make a subdomain (type.rausch.studio) so it points to a Netlify site I’m building, so I followed creating a CNAME and pointing the record to my Netlify subdomain rausch.netlify.app, which right now is just a blank page with the page title “IknowhowIfeel”.

When accessing type.rausch.studio I get the error Not found - Request ID: f2abe653-e7b9-4394-ae44-bccaaa3d062c-44793162. Why is this? Is there any additional setup needed to make in Netlify, eventhough the domain is handled in the registrar for it to work? Or is connecting a subdomain to Netlify while the DNS of the domain points to another place (Shopify in this case) not possible?

Any insight or help is appreciated. Thank you!

Have you added that sub-domain to the website in Netlify UI?

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Sorry, I thought I needed to add the main domain to Netlify. I just deleted it and added type.rausch.studio instead and it seems to work properly now.

Hey Hai, How did u make it work? I am facing the same problem. @marioecg @hrishikesh

Hi @saijayaprakash,

You need to add the domain to a website https://app.netlify.com/sites/<site-name>/settings/domain#custom-domains

Except, instead of the domain, you’d have to add a sub-domain there.

@hrishikesh I have explained my problem clearly here. Netlify DNS Subdomain not working

Any suggestion would help greatly.