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Cant connect custom domain to site

Hi I’m not able to use a custom domain on my site due to it already being used in someone else’s project on Netlify.

Domain Name is - www.replay10.om

Project Name is - reaply10site

Maby theres a way for me to fix this error? sorry I’m new.

Hi @cameronkau,

I’m assuming the domain is replay10.com? If it is, it is indeed connected to another website. If you know the owner: g*m*a*l*6*.g*m@gmail.com, you can ask them to remove it themselves, or we can remove it for you. Let us know how you wish to proceed.

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Im not sure of that email. But if you could remove the domain “replay10.com” from that account (g*m*a*l*6*.g*m@gmail.com) it would be awesome, thanks! :+1:

Hi @cameronkau,

It has been removed. You should be good to go.