Can't auto deploy with settings turned on

Hello dear forum,

I’ve just started getting to know Neflify to publish my Obsidian notes to the internet. So far almost everything works, but I just can’t get auto deploy to work.

Netlify Link:
Git Link: GitHub - git-submariner/oddlyspecific

I turned on auto deploy for my main branch. I’m able to manually deploy without issues. It just doesn’t realize, when I commit need changes to my Git and it won’t redeploy by itself. My last manual deploy was 08:25 PM and my last commit was 08:39 PM. I also waited overnight, if it may not be instantly. Still no success sadly.

What am I doing wrong? Am I missing anything?

Thank you all for the help!
Leon M.

Welcome to the forums @git-submariner

Under Site settings > Build & deploy > Continuous Deployment > Build settings are builds active?

On the Deploys page does it show Auto publishing is on.?

Hello! Thank you for your reply!

I’ve got both set like in your screenshots!

Did you try to re-link the site from the UI?

Hey thank you for your reply! I actually managed to get it working at this second. I found an other thread and deleting and readding the Netlify App in the GitHub Apps did it for me!

This time I gave it access to all repositories instead of only the one in question. Maybe that also helped.

The other thread that I found: Site not deploying automatically on push - #20 by Evavic44

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