Cannot verify my domain: "Another site is already using this domain"

Yeah, now we get a ‘server not found’ message, but ~5 mins before you visited the URL, it used to show someone else’ website. I don’t know whose website that is.

@AniruddhSringeri Where are the DNS settings that point your custom domain at your Netlify hosting?

I had registered the custom domain on Netlify (by going to Domains/Add or Register Domains) and added the 4 Netlify name servers on godaddy. I had then deleted the registered domain from Netlify & now I’ve reset the nameservers in godaddy as well. Now after you asked me, I’ve registered the domain on Netlify again.

So this step has probably caused the problem somewhere. I guess, someone from the Support team would have to check this.

Okay, thanks. Do you know why someone else’ website could show up on my domain?

Since I can’t see the other website currently, I can’t really say.

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Sorry, I’m new to this community. Will someone from the Support team look into this though?

Yeah they would. However, you might have to wait a few hours for them.

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@AniruddhSringeri It can take DNS records up to 48 hours to propagate, so there’s not much to do now but sit and wait. Your DNS settings still show the old fouled-up entries, so we’ll have to revisit this issue in a couple of hours.

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Added the nameservers on GoDaddy. Do you think I can now change DNS settings from Netlify? @gregraven @hrishikesh

As log as you’re unable to add the domain to Netlify, you can’t.

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You will have to to get your site to load on your custom domain.

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It’s now showing the other person’s website. Isn’t it a case of mistaken identity?

Now showing the other person’s website. Can anything be done about this, like someone from the Support team returning me the access to my domain?

I’ll mention @luke to help you get back on your website faster.

From what I see, this website is served by Netlify so someone has indeed connected the domain to their account.

However, the DNS records show that the domain is not connected to Netlify either by NS records or by A + CNAME records. So, this is really strange.

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Thank you. Yeah, I changed back the Nameservers in godaddy to default yesterday to disconnect the domain from Netlify so that whoever this person is stops using the domain. But it seems to make no difference!

Hi, @AniruddhSringeri. There is an inactive DNS zone for that domain here:

That must be deleted or activated. Leaving inactive will cause issues. There is more about why this must be fixed and how to do so here:

Now, about the domain showing a different site. This is because you don’t have it added to your site settings (under Site Name > Settings > Domain management > Custom domains). It is linked to a different site at Netlify. I can unlink the domain from the existing site if you create a verification DNS record:

Once the domain as been removed from the other site and team, it can then be added to your site here:

Last but not least, the external DNS configuration of this site is not configured as we recommend. These are the current records:      3600   IN   A  3600   IN   CNAME

However, the recommended record would be this:      3600   IN   A  3600   IN   CNAME 

Note, you should make the www subdomain the primary custom domain if this is done. If you make the apex domain primary, it sends all traffic to one IP address and that is not ideal. This is also what the current (incorrect) DNS configuration is doing - sending all traffic to a single IP address.

​Please let us know if you create the verification DNS record or if there are any questions.

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Thank you, @luke
I’ve configured the TXT record as you’ve recommended.

Hey there,
Thanks so much for verifying! I’ve gone ahead and removed the custom domain that was attached the other site, so you should now be able to use it on yours. Please give us a shout if you run into any issues with that.

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