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Cannot Verify my custom domain giving an error

I am trying to add my custom domain for https://featurely.netlify.app but it giving me “Another site is already using this domain” error.

  • Netlify site name: featurely.netlify.app
  • Custom domain name: featurely.dev

Need help in resolving this issue.


Hi, @sudhiry. The usual solution for this is to create a verification DNS record:

Once you have done so, please let us know and we can unlink the custom domain from the existing site and team.

Hi @luke,
I have done the changes and added TXT record “verified-for-netlify” with this post link “Cannot Verify my custom domain giving an error

TXT domain record name: “verified-for-netlify.featurely.dev”
Value: https://answers.netlify.com/t/cannot-verify-my-custom-domain-giving-an-error/34272


Hi, @sudhiry. Thank you for creating the verification DNS record. The domain has been unlinked from the other site and team now. Also, please feel free to delete the verification record now. It is no longer required now that verification is complete.

​Please let us know if there are any question or if you still cannot add the domain to your site and team.

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