Cannot select a branch other than main when adding a new site

When I try to set up a new site, I cannot select a branch other than main. Any attempt to click on a different branch name from the dropdown list of branches doesn’t work and throws a JS error.

Steps to reproduce:
Add new site → Import an Existing Project.
Connect to Git provider: Select Deploy with Github. Github authorization window pops up, and authorizes as expected.
Select repository: Select my org name from the dropdown and select my linked repo.
Configure site and deploy: Select a branch from the Branch to deploy dropdown.

Expected behavior: I click on a branch name and the dropdown menu updates to reflect that branch, and the Site to deploy dropdown list gets updated accordingly to add any sites that are present in that branch.

Actual behavior: I click on a branch name in the dropdown, and the name of the selected branch does not change in the dropdown menu. The following error is shown in the JS console when clicking on another branch name:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'repoInfo')
    at ea (app.bundle.js:81:1695)
    at onChange (ui.bundle.js:52:8159)
    at reactUiUtilities.ven…r.bundle.js:1:84149
    at o.onChange (reactUiUtilities.ven…r.bundle.js:1:42285)
    at o.setValue (reactUiUtilities.ven…r.bundle.js:1:42547)
    at o.selectOption (reactUiUtilities.ven…r.bundle.js:1:43028)
    at P.m (reactUiUtilities.ven…r.bundle.js:1:59661)
    at Object.eQ (react.vendor.bundle.js:15:15747)
    at eZ (react.vendor.bundle.js:15:15901)
    at react.vendor.bundle.js:15:33807

The Site to deploy list does get updated to reflect new sites that exist only on the branch I tried to select - but when I go to select one of those sites, Site to deploy blanks out to “select a site” and the auto-filled Build command and Publish directory blank out.

It seems like calls to my repo via Github’s API are sometimes working and getting data back (like the updated Site to deploy list), but more often than not it seems to not get all of the information needed to actually switch the deploy branch for a new site deploy.

This is still occuring as of this morning. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hi @vdaq,

Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention.

I was able to reproduce the issue and have brought it to the attention of the developer team. The team is looking into fixing the issue. I don’t currently have a time frame available for when it will be fixed, but it has been reported and being looked into. I’ll update this post with more information once it becomes available.

Hi @vdaq,

Thanks for your patience. Could you try again and let us know if you’re still seeing issues?

Everything seems to be working as expected again. Thanks for your help!