Cannot read property ‘split’ of null" + HTTP 500 status code

Hello friends,

The project was working well on another netlify project with same repo. We deleted that project and created a new one, on a new account, activated indetity, git gateway, and send the invites do admin. After the first build we try to use the admin and got:

"Failed to load entry: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of null".

Inspecting the network request admin did, I saw that it’s returning as 500 HTTP status.

The repo is hosted on gitlab.

I have not much clue for that… what could be happening?

Appreciate any help

Created a new fresh project on gitlab > failed.

Moved the site repo to github > worked.

Seems some issue related to gitlab.

thanks for keeping us updated!

Initially I was seeing also this error: This endpoint requires a Bearer token
I reconnected netlify with gitlab and that error was gone.

However, “Cannot read property ‘split’ of null” prevents cms to be usable. Please post here if you find solution.

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