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Cannot preview deploys

I’m working on a site in which we are locking deploys. We’ve started encountering the issue that (from the Netlify UI) we are unable to preview deploys. We get the following when we click in the “Preview Deploy” button in the UI:

This site can’t be reached
Check if there is a typo in 619b91513e8f340087097c4d--sandbox-remarkable-penguin-6193e1bd5187227a60484e93.netlify.app.

The deploy ID is 619b91513e8f340087097c4d and the site is sandbox-remarkable-penguin-6193e1bd5187227a60484e93. The deploys build properly and the site is currently live, so we don’t understand why it’s not working right now.

hey there, sorry to hear you are having trouble making this work.

Can you tell us a little more about when this issue started happening?

Is this still not working correctly, or are you able to see previews now?

Hi @perry , I cannot recall when was the last time I saw this working, but I checked today and it wasn’t. We have a feature that was built upon that and our ability to access the permalink for deploys in case we want to check them out, so it’s pretty big for us.

Last time I’ve seen this working about a month ago probably.

Hmm, that is indeed not a great experience. As a paying customer, you do have access to our helpdesk, and have moved your case over there so a support engineer can work through this with you and we can try and figure out what is going on! They’ll reach out to you via email.

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@perry how long does it take for support to make contact in general? When should I expect someone to contact me?

hi @GonzaloHirschToptal - great questions. We will be reaching out to you as soon as a support Engineer is available to work on your case with you! We are a small but mighty team, which is why we always encourage people to post here in our forums as well as it exposes general questions to a much wider audience, which may lead to faster assistance - so if you do see any changes, please update us here.

we want all of our customers, regardless of their usage tier with us to feel supported - even though we do have to dedicate our primary resources to enterprise customers. We do do our best to respond to customers on our $19/mo pro level within four business days - in many cases, we are able to get to work with you faster, which I’m hoping for in this case :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for your patience, Gonzalo.

For future explorers, domain names cannot have “sections” longer than 62 or so characters. On Gonzalo’s site:


…prepending the deploy ID for a permalink/preview, makes that first “section” over 70 characters:


…and thus the hostname cannot be resolved or viewed in your browser.

This is a limitation of the domain name system (DNS), not one of Netlify specifically.

@fool , just to make sure, by section you mean the application name + .netlify.app, right?

And the limit to 70 characters is just for the subdomain within Netlify? In that case just 619b91513e8f340087097c4d–sandbox-remarkable-penguin-6193e1bd5187227a60484e93 without .netlify.app, right?

Thank you!

I think this is what @fool means:

So to answer your question, the word foo in foo.netlify.app should not go over 63 characters.

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Ok, perfect, just what I imagined. Thank you!