Cannot login to the CMS

Hi guys,

Wonder if anyone could help? For some reason I can’t access the cms /admin section on my new site I’ve deployed.

I’m a new user, pretty sure I’ve followed all the guides.

Cheers in advance

hi there, is the URL not loading for you, or are your credentials you received via email not working?

You might also poke around here in the #netlify-cms category, there are likely some folks who have asked the same before!

Thanks Perry, yeah the credentials I got via email, don’t work.

Thanks for the heads-up.

I’ve invited myself again. The link I receive via email to accept is > but still cannot get access via /admin, this page is a 404 error.

Thanks in advance.

Seems you’ve removed or renamed the site in the meantime, @Hough_Stu, so I couldn’t find it to debug - could you tell us a current site that is showing the problem, please?

What I was going to look at was:

Yeah I removed it, sorry, I should have perhaps removed this thread.

Thanks for the reply Chris.