Cannot login to Drawer in Collaborative Deploy Preview

I cannot login to the Drawer in deploy preview:

I click on the Drawer (bottom-left) and click on “Log In”. This opens a new tab where I login to Netlify using my GitHub account. Login is successful. I go back to my deploy preview, hit refresh and it still asks me to “Log In”.

What could be going wrong?

Thanks, Anish

Edit: Added screenshot

Hi @anishkny :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! I know we did some troubleshooting in a different thread together for a separate issue. Before we dive in, I just want to confirm if you are still experiencing this issue or not?

@hillary that other issue is resolved.

I opened a new thread as I feel this is a separate unconnected issue.

Ping. Any update on this issue?


Hey there, @anishkny :wave:

Thanks for following up. We believe there may be a browser issue at play here. Currently, we have an open github issue for this. In the interim, can you attempt to login from a different browser and let us know if that works?

@hillary Yes looks like browser issue.

It seems to work fine in Firefox 88.

Issue is reproduced in Safari 14 on Mac Catalina 10.15.6.

Could you provide the GH issue (if it is public).


hi @anishkny - the issue is private, so I can’t share it, but I am asking to see if there is anything new on safari.

@perry fair enough.

Issue still reproduces on my end on Safari. Click drawer → click login → new tab opens → login to Netlify via Github → come back to first tab → drawer still asks mo to login, even after refresh (as opposed to having logged me in on Firefox, for example).

LMK if theres diag steps I can run on my end. Thanks!

Hey there, @anishkny :wave:

The fix for this was just rolled out! Please attempt again and let us know if it is now working for you :slight_smile:

@hillary It works now!