Cannot invite users to a project

Hi, I would like to invite two people to one of my projects to enable them edit content of the site in Netlify CMS. I added them in Identity tab and they received invitations via email, but in Site Settings tab there are still 0/5 users and there is information that I can still invite 5 people to this project. Moreover, the invited people cannot log into the admin panel, because there is a notification “user not found”.

I have enabled Git Gateway and my repository is public on Github (always was).

Could anyone have an idea why I don’t even see the invited members in Site Settings?

Hiya @kikilamorra and welcome to our community! Are you aware that we have two kinds of “logins” here? The account level membership page is for collaborators who login to our administrative UI help you administer your sites and domains. Then for Identity, there is a separate user listing page and invitation/signup flow. I think you’re talking about the latter, right? (git_gateway isn’t involved in the former, so it seems likely)

I can see you have Identity configured on the one site, but I think you are the only user there according to our backing database store (I can’t see the member listing in our admin UI, but it should be driven from the data source I am looking at). Could you try inviting me (chrism+35583 at netlify dot com) to your instance so I can see if I show up in the way your other invitees did not? They’d have to be shown in your identity listing page, here, for the invitation process to be started / give them something to verify by clicking the link that was emailed to them, which is required to finish the creation of their account: Netlify App .