Cannot get netlify.toml work with redirect/headers


here is my app:
here is the github repo (subfolder “frontend”):

When I deploy the app, it works but the build “summary” tells me that no redirect and no headers custom config have been found, but I have one in netlify.toml. I try to test my rules on netlify playground.

I saw some other topics, and people seems to resolve they problem by having _redirect fil, but I would like to keep the netlify.toml file only.

Thanks !

Hi @RemiDesgrange, it looks like you specify a ‘base’ directory in your netlify.toml file. Because of this, our buildbot will look for a netlify.toml file in that folder. In your case, there is no netlify.toml file in the frontend folder. You’ll want to make sure you have a copy of your toml file in there so our buildbot will include it in the deploy.