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Cannot find reference of my site


I logged in today to update my account’s email and thne noticed that I am missing my site from the Sites.
I am not sure if my actions led to this situation and would appreciate some help.

So, the situation is:

and here are the actions that seem to do more bad than good :frowning:

  • I recreated a new Site linked to the Gitlab repository (wonderful-mcnulty-c26af8.netlify.app)
  • I tried to add my subdomain (console.citytaps.org) to this new site but got an error “Another site is already using this domain”.
  • now, when I push a commit, this new site take precedence over the previous one in the CI

What would you recommend me to do?
Can you either help me retrieve access to the site currently registered for console.citytaps.org in Netlify, or help me release the subdomain so I can attach it to my new Site.


@benjaminw Is it possible you already have more than one Netlify account?

Hi @gregaven,
Thanks for your answer.
That’s the thing. I do not think so, I either recall having this site present until I updated my email address.

Hi, @benjaminw. I do show this custom domain associated with two different teams at this time (which shouldn’t be possible).

I can delete any references to the other account provided that you create a verification DNS record:

Once that is done, please let us know which team you want to keep using this custom domain on and we’ll delete any reference from the other team.

If there are any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Hi @luke,

Thanks for getting back to me.
I just added a TXT record for verified-for-netlify.citytaps.org to verify our domain.

I would like this site console.citytaps.org to appear under this team: app.netlify.com/teams/thomas-lvpegvy, which friendly name is CityTaps.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Hey there,
Thanks for verifying! We’ve removed that custom domain from the other site, so you should now be able to add it your site. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

Hi @jen,

Thank you for your answer and your help
I was able to attach the subdomain to the new site :ok_hand:.

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