Cannot display mp4 video link from google drive

Hello to everybody,
I’m very new and I’m trying to build a personal site. Now is the time to show video: I inserted the link of the mp4 video in a post, being the video loaded on google drive, but nothing happens. In place of the video there is a grey box with the more or less this wording (I translate from Italian): No video with format or MIME type supported has been found. This happens in local run and after deployment. In the deployed site, if I right click on the gray box and open the menu and choose “play video” option, the video is displayed in full screen mode in the browser.
Does it mean that I can’t display videos from Goggle drive personal storage?
And eventually what is the alternative?

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Google does allow embedding of videos stored on Google Drive. To get the embed code, visit the video file via the share link Google Drive creates after you upload your video. When the video open in it’s own window, go to the “dots” menu in the upper right corner of the browser window and select “Embed item …” from the options. Copy the iframe tag and paste it into your HTML document.

Here is a bare-bones HTML page that demonstrates this process:

Hi Greg,
great!!! thanks a lot. It’s working!!! next time I’ll provide the details you suggested. Sorry but it was my first time