Cannot deploy site or getting the "Failed during stage ""Reading and parsing conf. files"

PLEASE I can’t figure out what my base directory should be for a successful deploy. I’ve tried using the name of the cloned git repository, the name of the original website folder containing the files, I’ve also tried a link to my GitHub repository- nothing. The only time my site deployed successfully was when I didn’t select any base directory and I still got a “page not existing or broken link” error. I typed the name of my cloned directory in my netlify.toml file- still nothing. I have read your forums, as well as every help doc in your website- I can’t manage. I can really use some help, I’m getting desperate. Thanks in advance.
the GitHub repo: GitHub - kubetka/Portfolio: Personal portfolio

Hi @kubetka

If you set the publish directory to Portfolio-Teodora (and leave the base directory empty) I believe you’ll see a successful deployment.

You can also remove all the lines in the netlify.toml as they are either irrelevant for your site (i.e. the redirects rule) or will override the settings you set in the UI.

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It worked. Thank you so much!

Great @kubetka :smiley:

They are some nice works, with a varied, though similar, style throughout. Very much like “piano woman”.

The images are large in terms of pixel width/height, and file size, with several over 2MB. I would suggest trying to reduce the size of these images, on the paintings page, with the option to click a work to see a bigger image if a visitor so desires. There are numerous tools, both desktop software and online, that will help with that. You could even use Netlify’s Large Media service, or a service such as ImageKit or Cloudinary, all three of which allow you to upload full-size images and use transformations to serve optimised images on your site.

Also on the web design page, you attempting to use PDF files as the src of an <img> element which is not possible. You would need to generate an image for the page, and link to the file.


Thank you. I will try to fix everything. My site is a complete mess, I just wanted to get the successful deploy out of the way, because it has been bugging me for days now. Xd

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