Cannot delete CNAME record

I am attempting to delete a CNAME record for my custom domain but every time I delete it and refresh, it comes back.

My domain name is and the CNAME record I’m attempting to delete is at CNAME

I made this screen recording to demo the issue: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Hi, @heron-team. There have been some reports of this behavior but our support team hasn’t been able to find the root cause yet.

Now, we can delete the records for you and, if you want us to do so, please just tell us which ones should be deleted.

However, I also want to ask if you would be willing to please make a HAR recording of the issue happening? I ask because this will help us to find the cause of the issue.

  • IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT post the HAR file publicly here!

It will contain your access token information for Netlify and that must not be shared publicly. If you do make the recording, please private message one of the support team (me for instance) on this support forum to share the HAR file. I’ll make sure the support team can see the file but no one else can.

I’ve confirmed that private messaging is enabled for your forum login. If you are willing to make that recording, we thank you in advance for doing so. Likewise, if you confirm which records should be removed, our support team will do so.