Cannot Add Domain | Error: domain is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones

Issue: is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones”

custom domain^

It’s quite odd really. I have the DNS for the domain pointing to Netlify, this is how it is currently live, yet I do not have the domain in my Netlify Dashboard, in order to attempt to add it, I go to add/register domain and then I am prompted with error message above.

So the DNS is correct, the Domain is live, yet it cannot be added to my Netlify dashboard.

If there are any questions to how I can go more into detail to resolve the issue, please ask.

Thank you and all comments are appreciated.

Edit: I would like to mention, I purchased the domain via GoDaddy and spoke with their Support prior to coming here and they stated the domain has no issues on their end.

Just a guess…

Maybe it’s because it’s already pointing to Netlify nameservers? How about you try deleting the nameservers, add the website to the dashboard and then point them back to Netlify nameservers.

Worth a shot maybe.

Only use the name servers for the DNS Provider you are using. If using Netlify, use only the ones they gave to you when you set it up. Otherwise, use the ones for your DNS Provider.

You need to remove the double entry on name servers:

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So viewing the records is a issue on its own, seeing as it is not added/registered on Netflify I cannot view them through Netflify dashboard, I can view them if I go to GoDaddy and switch to default name-servers (hosted by GoDaddy) but I am not seeing the same records you are seeing, I see no duplicates.

big sigh

Edit: there were no duplicates on my end (name-servers)

Edit2: There are now only 2 name servers under GoDaddy, when I changed them I assure you there were no duplicates, the site you are using may be showing previously used name-servers

If you are managing dns on GoDaddy, you should only be seeing:

or something similar. You should not see other domain servers.


Problem: Domain was registered under a different Netlify account on a seperate broswer.

Solution: Deleted from other account, now able to add to this account.

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Yep, looks right now!

Well now the domain shows up on the netflify account I want, but when I go to replace the default domain netlify issues with my now custom domain pointing to netlify it states the site is in use somewhere else, and somehow yes it is, its live right now.

What the .-.

Edit: fixed, I guess after deleting domain you still have to delete the domain within another section on netflify. (sections are “Domains” && “Sites”.)

Thanks for the help and the steady quick replies friend.

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Is your A record pointed to Netlify for the naked domain name?

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You’re welcome. Have fun!

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