Cannot add custom domain - feature under maintenance


I’m trying to add a custom domain for a new website, but reached the following screen:

i got the following error message:
This feature is currently under maintenance, please try again later.

this status is still ongoing for the whole day (more than 12 hours), and looking at it seems that everything is fully functional.

said this, if anybody needs, my app is:
the domain I want to use is and the registrar is Godaddy.

thanks for any info.

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Could you try again?

I tried a few minutes ago and it is working! thank you!

I added the dns nameserver to my godaddy account et voilà the website is online! it was simply an issue at netlify.

Just another point, if someone knows.
I used to add the IP given by netlify to my dns, but this time netlify suggested to change the DNS nameservers on godaddy.

This lets me see the website correctly, but why cannot provision the SSL certificate?
The warning here below tells me to wait, but the DNS have been updated (i see the website), should I do anything else to get the SSL or should I publish the website in another way??

hi, thanks for sharing this with the community!