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Can you help us with direct access to "branch deploy"?

Hello, we had our “branch deploy” working some time ago and it stopped being served due to SSL. Custom SSL certificate is done on Netlify side.

https://staging.netlify-frontend.3ctechnologies.link/ does not work with direct access,
at the same time this works when we do “Host override to staging.netlify-frontend.3ctechnologies.link and Resolve override to staging.netlify-frontend.3ctechnologies.link” on Cloudflare and it serves some page e.g. Client Terms of Use works VS https://staging.netlify-frontend.3ctechnologies.link/terms-and-conditions does not.

The practical problem is that we can not debug direct access to “branch deploy” of staging, only see how it works on a routed domain.

Hi @3ctechnologies,

I can see that those domains are not being served by Netlify as the DNS is incorrectly configured. So I’m a little confused as to what you’re trying to do.