Can you decouple the build process from the release process in a deploy?

I’m using Netlify to host the front end of an Angular app that uses a Rails back end. The deployment of the app therefore requires the back end to be ready to go into production at the same moment as the front end is also ready.

The build process for my Rails app can be decoupled from the promotion to production by using Heroku pipelines. I can therefore have precise control over the point at which it is released.

However I don’t see any way in Netlify to decouple the build from the promotion to production. Is there any way that I can request Netlify to do the build and then hold and await readiness on both front and back before finally deploying to production?

I guess I can get around it by building the Rails backend first and then holding that until Netlify has deployed but it would be great to have the same fine control on both deploymnet servers.

You can lock deploys so that builds occur but are not automatically published:

The new deploy isn’t published until a button is clicked in the web UI. Will this meet the requirements for this site?

Hi Luke,

I think this is close to what I want. Can I unlock the deploy programatically via an API (e.g. as part of my circleci process)?

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hey @peternixey,

according to our API docs (I am not an expert on our API) it seems like this might be possible:

Thanks for the fast response Perry and that looks good to me :+1:t2:

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great! if you have trouble getting that to work, come on back and start a new thread :grin: