Can’t renew Let’s Encrypt certificate automatically

Custom domain:

My domain is registered with google domains and I changed the name servers to netlify name servers.
Everthing works fine, the problem is with automatic ssl certificates renewal.

This problem came after I changed my primary domain to www domain and redirect to the other domain.
I tried renew ssl but nothing seemed to happen.

After that I tried to remove the DNS zone and register again, now I do not see the renew ssl certificate.

@siddiquiehtesham Welcome to the Netlify community.

How long ago did you make these DNS changes? DNS propagation can take up to 48 hours.

I did them a few hours before.
When I first made the changes they were live in some time and didn’t take this long.
Will wait 48 hours and update.

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So I logged into netlify, went to dashboard => site => domain management and got “Check DNS Configuration”, I followed their instructions and updated the name servers (this time they were different name servers), and my site is up now but I still have the ssl warning, as in the image above.

hi there, i think it just needed a little more time. i see a secure site:

If you’re still seeing this, you might have a local caching issue. It appears that your site is loading securely from Netlify.

|====================== get x-nf-request-id =====================
| -------------------- blank if not Netlify ---------------------
| ------------------------ ------------------------
| ---------------------------- http -----------------------------
< x-nf-request-id: 9ab0fbf1-6535-4e55-8ab3-0404b4dc9d74
| ---------------------------- https ----------------------------
< x-nf-request-id: 5c1199bb-7ee9-4e85-8c89-049ddb98753a
| ---------------------- ----------------------
| ---------------------------- http -----------------------------
< x-nf-request-id: cc8883b5-103d-405e-9968-8bccf1dd7d71
| ---------------------------- https ----------------------------
< x-nf-request-id: 4a01d833-2c4a-4a83-be31-7e3321daa14b

Hello, the site always loads securely, the main concern is the automatic renewal of ssl warning in the netlify dashboard, it still shows a warning.

Now I see Renew Certificate button, I pressed it but saw no acknowledgement whether the request was successful or not.

IIRC it can take a few minutes for it to do its processing.

It shows sending request, sends a request maybe but does not give an acknowledgement if the request was successful or not.

It should do so eventually.

I gave it a try one more time, still the same behaviour.
It shows sending request and then the popup just closes.
Is it related somewhere to the warning? because the warning still persists

The “Renew certificate” button only works if the certificate will expire in less than 30 days (which is not the case for this certificate) or if the list of domain name it should cover has doesn’t match (because, for example, a custom domain was added or removed).

I do show this domain is configured to use Netlify DNS correctly so the automatic renewal will occur on May 24th (30 days before it expires).

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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So I should wait until 30 days are left for the certificate to expire and then renew it? Only after that the warning will go away?
But I think the warning has to do something with the registration, although I’ve followed every steps correctly to point the name servers and they work too, what else could possibly be wrong?

I can’t speculate on why you’re seeing that in the dashboard, but your site seems to be loading with the certificate as expected.

Yes that’s what I am concerned about.

Hi, @siddiquiehtesham. The error isn’t a current error. For troubleshooting purposes, the last error which occurred is shown. You can safely ignore that error message.