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Can’t remove credit card


I am unable to remove my credit card from billing section. Kindly please let me know how to remove it.

With regard,

Hi @chuongpqvn,

Which account is this regarding?

That my account, can help me remove it ?
my account : chuongpqvn@gmail.com

Hi @chuongpqvn,

I can see that you’ve an upcoming charge on that account. We only allow removing cards when there are no upcoming charges.

Your billing cycle ends on Sept 4, so you’d be soon charged and once the payment is complete, we can remove the card for you as you don’t have any recurring payment.

I paid them today for that fee, I want to remove for security with my card, please check again.

Oh yes, you’re right. Sorry about that. I’ve removed the card from your account.

Thanks for the support !