Can’t login. “Authentication Error”


I have an authorization problem. If I try to register an account, the system says that a user with such data already exists. But if I try to log in, the system says that a user with such data does not exist.

Is there anything you can do about it?


hi @Aleksandr - are you able to reset your password via the link? :thinking: that is the first thing I would suggest. If that doesn’t work, we can take a closer look!

You should do a password reset; you have likely signed up for Netlify, which is why it tells you the email already exists when registering, but you never activated your account, which is why it tells you it doesn’t exist when trying to login.

Notice the error message, it specifically says “No email / password combo” found. It’s a security thing where people can’t just type random emails to see who is registered or not, tho, it fails slightly when the registration process reveals it :smiley:

Thank you all for your help, my problem was resolved, I requested a password reset and this time they sent me an email asking me to confirm my account, after that everything looks fine!

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