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Can netlify do that?


I’m looking for a solution like Netlify to be use by my company. From what i have read from the documentation, everything we need is there, but is it possible to do it using the API?

Here is what we want to do:

We have a main website (let’s call it websiteA.com). For each customer, we need to deploy a website on customerName.websiteA.com automatically.

This deployement will be from a github project in Symfony.
Each time the master branch of the github project will be updated, we also need to update all these website.

For the creation, we need to run some specific command lines (such as composer install)
And we need to specify some environnement variable.

All of this need to be done automatically using the API

Is it possible using netlify?
if yes, which pricing best fit our need?

Hey there, @Florent :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums, and thanks so much for reaching out. Have you seen our Pricing Page and our API Documentation? I believe these resources will answer your questions. If you have further questions, I will gladly connect you with someone who can talk about best fits for your project.


Hi @hillary ,

Thanks for your answer. I have seen those page, but I did not see if this was possible.

Hi @Florent,

There’s a createSite API call: Netlify API documentation. You can specify a lot of things in it including a repo and environment variables. For the DNS, you could take a look at this one: Netlify API documentation.

The combination of those 2 API calls should cover most of your needs. But do note that this API is not limited to the documentation. The UI does a lot of things over the API, so when in doubt, open your dev tools, perform and action and record the API call that the UI makes.

About the pricing, I am afraid about this:

So if you have say 10 websites and each of those takes say 5 mins to build. A simple push would cost you 50 mins of build time. In that case, just 6 pushes and you’re out of your free build minutes. So that would definitely not work for you. I’d personally recommend the business plan if you’re expecting many websites.

But if you’re interested, it’s worth to get in touch with our sales team that could communicate with you and possibly interest you in a custom enterprise plan. Let us know if you’re interested and we could get you connected with the team.