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Can i have more than one success page for forms on netlify?

I am trying to build a simple form to gather some data about people willing to download a PDF.

I have used the PDF as action link but it doesn’t seem to work, so I have created a success page that redirects or refresh to the right link.

But when I deploy and test it, it seems that the redirect always go to the same PDF instead of the one indicated in the success page.

I suspect it is a cache issue, but I don’t know how to manage it. Any help?

You can see the form here:

The success page is:

That should redirect to

But redirects to:

Any clue what is happening?

Ok, I think I’ve found the issue, or the reason for my issue:
It seems that you can only have one success page.

I’ve created a custom success page for each form, but the action link was taking into account the first html file where these pages were. So I solved passing URL parameters through success page, and with some javascript it redirects to the desired PDF using those params.

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