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Can I deploy multiple versions of static html folders manually with netlify deploy command?

Hello - I use netlify deploy -d html -s=<my-site-name.netlify.app> --prod to deploy the static html folder called “html”. Is it possible to deploy more than one version to the same site, say from the folders html1 and html2, so that some sort of a drop-down menu appears for the visitor to select which version (html1 or html2) they want to see? Thanks!


What (I believe) you are talking about is something akin to branch deploys where you might have example.com and beta.example.com which you could allow users to choose between or direct them to based on conditions.

If you want to have example.com/v1 and example.com/v2 you would put both v1 and v2 directories inside your publish directory (html in your example`) with a drop down menu to allow users to choose which version they wanted to see.

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Hey @coelmay thanks! Exactly what I mean. I think what you said will work. If it turns out something different, I will report back in this thread. Thanks, again.