Can I change CMS of my webiste

Recently I created a website which is related to iso 27001 privacy controls. I am operating this website through WordPress. Now the issue is speed of my website is too much slow. According to the latest update of google if the speed of website is slow google will not rank it. One of my friends suggest me to change the CMS from WP to netlify. I just wanna ask is it possible? If yes, Can I do it by myself or I need to hire a Developer for this purpose?
Please guide me about it.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hi @shawnmichal,

Do note, Netlify CMS is not the same as Netlify. The former is a product, but very different from what Netlify is as a whole.

Coming back to the original question, depending on the website, it might be easily possible or not even possible at all. There are lots of posts around the forums regards to Wordpress, if you try and search. But this might help: Sports website Migration