Calling file from React redirect to netlify site URL, my proxy works fine on local machine

PLEASE help me on the below issue:

Calling file from React app redirect to netlify site URL.

my proxy works fine on local machine. I am using

Hi @panchalnv and welcome to our community!

You wouldn’t be able to use that on Netlify - we don’t run any code at browse time unless you’re using a Function

Would you take a look at this site that explains our hosting philosophy? I think it’ll explain better than I can:

@fool - Thank you for your prompt reply
I created a Netlify function which download my file from Google drive. I can only download the file to tmp/xxx.pdf location. But then I would like to read this file to my react application which is not available. How can I achieve this? Any suggestion.

The function is deployed entirely separately from your app. Local storage for a function is thrown away as soon as the function exits.

You’d need to find a service that supports saving files to a more permanent location, and then your app would need to read from that data source.

Netlify does not have database hosting, so you’ll need a separate service for that.