Callback URLs are marked as optional, but are not in practice

I’m using the Netlify API and even though it says that callback URLs are optional, if I try to remove a hard coded one from an app it doesn’t stick. On re-display of the app the URL is still there. If I test with a new app and leave it blank, it never works until I hard coded a callback url.

Hi, @cfjedimaster. Would you be willing to share more details about this? What API call is requiring a callback URL?

Would you please send us a link to where you see this or share more details about the API call you are making?

It isn’t the API but the Apps setting. You need a callback for the OAuth flow. It’s really two issues (or more):

  1. The form for editing your app has a placeholder saying it is optional, but when I left it blank I couldn’t authenticate.
  2. If you enter a value for the callback, delete it, and save, the old value persists.

I thought I had more. And to be clear, I mean Applications under my user profile settings.

@cfjedimaster, I see what you mean. I’ll file an issue to have that placeholder removed. Thanks for pointing it out.