Caching doesn't seem to work


I’m having trouble with caching on a site, here:

Form here Better Living Through Caching I understand that Netlify should return 304 and let the browser serve the cached file based on the etag, but I’m always getting 200 on all files?

Is there something I need to change to make the Netlify cache work?

I’ve also had a look at adding custom headers, but as far as I understand the etag approach on Netlify should be sufficient, so hoping I can make that work instead.

It is actually working, I had disabled caching in dev tools.

I was experiencing bandwidth value increasing at an alarming rate and assumed that it was due to caching and when I quickly checked and got 200’s thought it verified.

Sorry for the confusion.

Hi @Manyone-dev :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums :netliconfetti: thanks so much for reaching out and letting us know you were able to solve your problem.