.ca subdomain with Netlify DNS

I’m trying to find which TLDs Netlify DNS supports. I am wanting to delegate a subdomain (which I just learned I can do for at least some domains), but when I’ve added .ca domains (with another registrar) to my sites in the past there has been some kind of warning about .ca domains and Netlify managing DNS.

My question is whether than limitation also applies to subdomains of a .ca domain (and what the limitation is, exactly, and what the issue is with .ca domains).

Hi @danielfdickinson1 :wave:t6: ,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfotuntaely we do not support the .ca subdomain on Netlify.

Here is a list of domains we do not support at this time:


Thank you. Is it because of difficulties reaching agreements with the registrars, or difficulties with verifying domain holders meet conditions, e.g. connection to the country (I notice a lot of national registrars on that list) according to the rules of registrar?

Hi, @danielfdickinson1. There was a misunderstanding and the information above only applies to registering new domain names. However, you can delegate .ca domains to Netlify and there are no special limitations regarding them at Netlify beside the aforementioned limitation below:

  • You cannot register a .ca domain using Netlify.

However, if you register it elsewhere, there are no limitations at Netlify when using either the Netlify DNS instructions or the external DNS instructions. All DNS features for .ca domains do work at Netlify - just not registrations of new domains.

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